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PDA Utilities


The PDA Utilities are now included in the SOS - Simply Estimating program and is no longer a stand alone program.  This was done to simplifiy the use of these utilities, no longer do you have to deal with two programs to manage your Pocket PC estimates.  After an estimate created on the Pocket PC has been converted the estimate is opened automatically for you on your PC so that you may edit the estimate & print Proposals.

PDA Utilities

   Convert DataSource
   Convert Assembly
   Convert Customer Data
   Convert PDA Estimate

This is the main interface between Simplified Office Software - Simply Estimating & SOS PDA-Estimating.

Use these utilities to create DataSource Files from your existing DataSources, a Customer DataBase can be created from your existing Estimate Customers Database, & Assemblys can be converted. 

Estimates created by SOS PDA-Estimating can be converted and saved to your existing Estimate DataBase, where you may view/edit them and update the pricing.

Estimates created on on your PC can be converted for use with your PocketPC, which allows you to take the estimate into the field and revise it and then reconvert back to your PC for final editing, printing of your estimate.