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Austrialian Users

Simplified Office Software - Estimating/Invoicing/Payroll has been written to be both user friendly & intuitive.  If you have used any Windows-based software the principles will be the same. Unlike many other programs, all information that is entered into an invoice is saved when the Return/Enter key is pressed (The Return/Enter key is used to select data & to end data entry in all fields of all forms.), whenever new data is entered - or existing data is changed, the information is automatically stored in a database.

Entering new invoices & editing existing invoices has been simplified by grouping invoices by customer’s names. You can simply type in a customer’s name and a list of every invoice produced for that customer is displayed. Paid invoices can be recorded and the customer’s payment history is clearly visible. Each invoice can be viewed, edited and updated if necessary. Utilities to print overdue invoices, (>30days), are included.

Printed invoices are designed to be mailed in a standard #9 double-window envelope, 3 7/ 8 x 8 7/8, so there is no need to address envelops, just fold the invoice, & send.

To keep track of outstanding invoices, accounts receivable reports can be generated & printed.


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