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DataSources & DataSource Maintenance


The DataSource is a list of materials and associated prices & labor units. There are two sample DataSources included with SimplifiedOfficeSoftware, the CostPlus DataSource, which is used for Time& Material Billing, and the LaborUnits DataSource. You can create your own DataSource or modify an existing DataSource.  

SOS - DataSource Screen Image

Editing/Modifying a DataSource is as simple as adding Sections, SubSections & items.  To rename an item you simply Click on the item you want to change - Click again and rename it.  Rearrange Sections, SubSections & items by Dragging & Dropping them where you want.  Double-Click on an Item and edit Material Costs, Labor Rates, Mark-up's etc.

Group Revisions allow you to change all items in a Section or SubSection by a specified percentage. By dealing with a group of items you can quickly change material costs when you learn of an increase in prices. 

Group Revisions screen image

Utilities have been included so that you may convert an existing pricing DataSource you are already using.

SOS - Convert DataSource screen image

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